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El Caso Polo Club & Equestrian Center was formed by Buzz Easterling in the late 80’s. Buzz won the National Collegiate Club Championship in 1952 and 1954. Currently, the club is still under family management with Chuck Rogers as the polo club manager.

Breathtaking views surround El Caso Polo Club & Equestrian Center located in Western New Mexico nestled in the Apache National Forest.

Polo can be seen as a mix of horseback riding, hockey and soccer with tremendous amounts of physical benefits, known to improve hand-eye coordination, upper body strength and postural strength, among other things. A player once described the game as “high stakes chess for adrenaline junkies” At El Caso Ranches Equestrian Club you will enjoy gorgeous views in a location convenient to the southwestern states while playing the game you love.

Cole, Lance and Buzz